Monday, March 22, 2010

Oil Pulling

I have known about oil pulling which is a safe method for illness. It is said that it does not have any disadvantage. Oil pulling or oil swishing is a traditional Ayurveda remedy for many diseases. It fasten your loose teeth, prevent decay of teeth and gum, whitening the teeth, removes the crack from your lip and foot. Cures respiratory problem, migraine headache, blood disorders, gastric problem etc.

How to do?
Take 2 teaspoon sesame or sunflower(recommended) oil in your mouth spread through out your mouth, pull through the teeth. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes before food ie in empty stomach. The substance will become thin and white which consist of your body toxin and then empty your mouth, wash your mouth 4 times properly with tap water or mouth wash. The oil should not swallow event it happen not a problem.

How it works?
As you do oil swishing the enzymes get activate and the enzymes pull toxin from your blood. This toxin is mixed with the oil which is in your mouth so it is not be swallowed.

If you have allergy to the oil you use change the brand. But use refined oil. As a starter and if you have any disease you may get headache or any uneasiness but it will disappear.

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