Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome the next year.

Today is Jan 2nd. Rite now am so mum and sis went to kerala leaving their highly presence.Still mood off....but dnt wanted to get out of that..But I need to get out of that......Yesterday we all went for a movie 3 idiots. It was really good one which entertained me alot..... Today I get to know the controversies between the author Chetan and Aamir,Vidhu(producer) and Rajkumar the director. Author is claiming 3 idiots is 75% from his book.. But the film promotion says only 2% to 5% from his book. Author is dissatisfied because his name is mentioned only at the end of film.....
Now its not possible to say who is right or wrong...Lets leave the topic

My love made a lot of resolutions personal and professional lets see how much he can carry on..I have resolution but havent put in a paper. Myself and my hubby planning to go to Mookambika temple and goa by the end of this week. Expecting for a great trip..

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