Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ruby the programming language

Hiii after a long time I am here. I have started learning Ruby, just started. Ruby is a programming language wrapped by serious and fun....It is said that Ruby will minimize frustration during programming. I would like to master it. It can be learned by experienced programmers as well as those who are not from programing background.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Oil Pulling

I have known about oil pulling which is a safe method for illness. It is said that it does not have any disadvantage. Oil pulling or oil swishing is a traditional Ayurveda remedy for many diseases. It fasten your loose teeth, prevent decay of teeth and gum, whitening the teeth, removes the crack from your lip and foot. Cures respiratory problem, migraine headache, blood disorders, gastric problem etc.

How to do?
Take 2 teaspoon sesame or sunflower(recommended) oil in your mouth spread through out your mouth, pull through the teeth. Do this for 15 to 20 minutes before food ie in empty stomach. The substance will become thin and white which consist of your body toxin and then empty your mouth, wash your mouth 4 times properly with tap water or mouth wash. The oil should not swallow event it happen not a problem.

How it works?
As you do oil swishing the enzymes get activate and the enzymes pull toxin from your blood. This toxin is mixed with the oil which is in your mouth so it is not be swallowed.

If you have allergy to the oil you use change the brand. But use refined oil. As a starter and if you have any disease you may get headache or any uneasiness but it will disappear.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome the next year.

Today is Jan 2nd. Rite now am so desp........my mum and sis went to kerala leaving their highly presence.Still mood off....but dnt wanted to get out of that..But I need to get out of that......Yesterday we all went for a movie 3 idiots. It was really good one which entertained me alot..... Today I get to know the controversies between the author Chetan and Aamir,Vidhu(producer) and Rajkumar the director. Author is claiming 3 idiots is 75% from his book.. But the film promotion says only 2% to 5% from his book. Author is dissatisfied because his name is mentioned only at the end of film.....
Now its not possible to say who is right or wrong...Lets leave the topic

My love made a lot of resolutions personal and professional lets see how much he can carry on..I have resolution but havent put in a paper. Myself and my hubby planning to go to Mookambika temple and goa by the end of this week. Expecting for a great trip..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A creation which is mingled with nature.

Listening the two birds, my heart,
Began to feel the nature beauty.
Their names are so sweet that,
I can remember forever.
Their eyes are like pre-mature stones,
That hangs on sky.
Picking small sticks from collection of woods,
To build the nest is somewhat like high...
The nest is filled up with their,
Large number of creation,
That looks like ancient family.
They fight each other,
While eating the food which is hidden.
How beautiful the life of such creation!
So sweet when they reach up to the lovely place,
Which is full of love and prosperity.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

An article can inspire us to follow our goal

In 2002, I decided to be a vegetarian, can’t remember the date and started having green. I continued it for my health and fitness. It was not difficult for me to start to have only vegetable and I never got tendency to have fish or chicken for at least one year. But suddenly I don’t know what happened to me. We were all dining at 8 pm, my mum, sis, uncle and myself. They all use to have fish and meat. On that day also they had fish (nai meen- type of fish called in Malayalam) All of sudden by giving a look to their plate my mouth got watering and any way I controlled. But from the very next day onwards I started to have non veg with a piece of fish.
In 2008, I got married and after three month myself and my love decided to be vegetarian. For me this was a third attempt. First attempt I made in 10th standard and gave up. Right now I am vegetarian, but many times I got a tendency to give up this vegetarianism. Mostly my mum, mother in law and chetai use to say “have pieces of fish, its essential for our health.” These wordings make me to have fish because I can do anything, can have anything to keep my mind, body and soul healthy.
Recently I read one article regarding vegetarianism. That article inspired me a lot to be remain as vegetarian. In that, many real examples of celebrities were given which was really inspiring. It was so motivating to remain as a vegetarian. Now I don’t want to switch back, even vitamin B12 is lacking in vegetarianism. I will have lots of dairy product to replace fish so that B12 deficiency will not be there. Thanks to the person who wrote such an inspiring and wonderful article…

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Emotions over riding upon soul

Like to be the best as human.
But the time come to prove, it vanish somewhere.
Being reverse of what I was suppose to..
Never fulfill my imagination.
Emotions is most weird sometime,
Don’t know how to act on,
Don’t know how to over ride.
Always believe him,
His hands approaches me,
Being with a great expectation, he gives up.
Still expecting my soul will act on..........

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Inspiration and Inspiration

Hi this is the first time am blogging. I have never thought of blogging, recently a friend of mine Prasanth inspired me to create a blog, i done the thing. But i dnt know what to write, this i told him. He then again motivated me to write stories, poems, diary........ He gave a reference site also.... it was fantastic. A genius personality named Roxy having a vast knowledge.............From this i really got inspired. lets see how much i can blog.....
thanx Prasanth